System requirements

You need BlueJ version 2.0 or later. You also need JDK 5 or later installed and selected when launching BlueJ.

Note that JDK 5 on Mac OS requires OS X version 10.4 or later, so patternCoder will not work on earlier OS X versions.



Step 1.

Install BlueJ if you haven't already done so. You can get it here. (you'll need a Java SDK installed first -see system requirement in the panel on the right side of this page).

Step 2.

Dowload the guide, which includes installation instructions:


Step 3.

Download patternCoder.

The download contains the extension binary (PatternCoder.jar), the starter set of pattern files and templates, and the source code and javadocs.

Windows/Mac version 0.5.3:

Linux version 0.5.3: patterncoder_0.5.3.tar.gz

see version history